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A woman jogging on a park trail

3 Jogging Trails Close to evolve Bloomington


Springtime is upon us. Days are getting longer and the temperature is finally rising. After a long, cold winter, many jogging enthusiasts have had their fill of running in place on treadmills and are wondering, “Are there any jogging trails near me?” The answer is,”Yes!” And you don’t even have to search a map of Bloomington, Indiana, because evolve Bloomington has done all the leg work for you. Here are three of our favorite nearby Bloomington jogging trails.

B-Line Trail

The B-Line Trail is located less than 3 miles south of evolve Bloomington. The trail itself runs from Adams Street to Country Club Drive before connecting with Bloomington Rail Trail. Bloomington Rail Trail runs south from Country Club Drive to West Church street for 2 miles, so an out-and-back run totals just over 5 miles. The trail is paved and allows for non-motorized vehicles if you feel like getting your bike out of storage. Bloomington Parks and Recreation spared no expense on this trail. Energy-efficient LED lights keep the trail illuminated from dusk till dawn, and along the trail you’ll find drinking fountains, a jug filling station, lush greenery, and beautiful public art.

Miller-Showers Park

Less than half a mile from Evolve, Miller-Showers Park is a .6 mile accessible, multi-use trail. Within the park are several ponds, a pier, pedestrian bridge, and art sculptures that are all visible from the trail. It’s not a long trail but if you're looking for a jogging trail to easily track your time and distance, Miller-Showers Park is the solid choice.

Cascades Park Trail

The Cascades Park Trail gives you the biggest dose of nature with your run. The trail runs the length of the park – about 2.7 miles. Feeling adventurous? Head down some of the hiking trails to admire the beauty of open green spaces, creeks, even a waterfall! If you’ve been looking forward to getting back to nature, Cascades Park Trail is just 3 miles north of evolve and waiting to be explored.

Bloomington is a great city for more than just jogging trails. Click over to the evolve Bloomington Neighborhood page page or take a look at our other blog posts to discover more to see and do in the area.


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